Water sampling as a part of paleoecological study of high mountain lakes in the Retezat Mountains
Sediment and plant sampling from high mountain lakes in Macedonia

Sampling of Quaternary river sediments in the Pannonian Basin

Sediments from the main feeding rivers of the Pannonian Basin were sampled for a study based on heavy mineral analysis as well as fission track and U-Pb dating. These data are essential for characterising the source areas and the provenance of the sediments. The river sediments were sampled as close as possible to the spot where the rivers enter the basin. This point was crucial to avoid contamination by the basin sediments and get direct information about the source area of the sediments. Furthermore, it was important to avoid sampling recent sediments from such rivers where sediment transport was hindered by a barrage such that recent river sediments were not representative for their source area anymore. In such cases we collected the sample material from Pleistocene gravel quarries. From each sampling spot, at least 4 litres of sand, a few hundred fine gravel grains and a few pebbles were collected, and each step of the work was documented via notes, camera and GPS.

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