Isotope Climatalogy and Environmental Research Centre


The main focus of the HUN-REN Institute for Nuclear Research (HUN-REN ATOMKI) in Debrecen is basic research in the field of atomic, nuclear and particle physics and the application of these results

The research direction of the newly-established Isotope Climatology and Environmental Research Centre (ICER) involves those interdisciplinary topics where the field of classical physics can be applied together with other fields (geology, hydrology, meteorology, biology, history and environmental protection) to fulfil the aim of the project.

Relating topics are organized necessarily around a major group of instruments or a certain method. Functioning of the studied fluids coming from all geospheres and anthropogenic sources can be understood sufficiently only by taking account of their effects on each other. Thus, concentrated presence of methods and topics in Institute for Nuclear Research obviously contributes to their individual success.

The significance of the environmental physical research at the institute and the HEKAL group (part of the institute) is shown by the SKI qualification/grade (research infrastructure with strategic importance) received in 2010. This grade was given by the National Research Infrastructure Survey and Itinerary Project (NEKIFUT). The HEKAL group consists of eight different environmental physical research entities within the institute.